Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What actually “Baypaar” means?

  • “Baypaar” (read as: बेपार) is actually derived from Devnagari word “byapaar” (व्यापार), which simply means “Business” in English. We started with “”, as “” domain was not available. 🙂

2. What is all about?

  • It’s a web application for booking private vehicles among many varieties which you can use them to travel or for any activities as per your day-to-day requirements.

3. What vehicles are you serving?

  • We’re providing our services specially in three categories:
    • Passenger vehicles, which you can book for your travel among your friends or families.
    • Pickups, for carrying your loads or goods. and
    • Two wheelers, considering your single and simple needs that you can afford.
  • You can check Our Services page to know more about the vehicles that we provide.

4. What are the available locations to book ?

  • We are available all over Nepal, covering nearest border areas.

5. What is the process of booking?

  • To make everything simple to use, we’ve breakdown the booking procedure in 4 easy steps. At first step, you need to enter your pickup and destination addresses. In the next step, you’ll be asked to choose the mode of transportation. At step 3, just enter your details, specially the mobile number. And then on the final step you’ll receive a SMS with confirmation code in your mobile number. As soon as you verify with the code you receives, the order’ll be confirmed instantly.

6. How rates are calculated ?

  • We take care of both the time as well as distance factor and our rates are calculated through algorithm which is intelligent enough to consider charges as per the condition of roads in Nepal. The rates will be displayed once you enter your destination and mode of transportation you choose.

7. How can I pay for the rates displayed or what are available modes of payments?

  • We are currently taking cash after service, and this makes you assure that we don’t provide the fake business. However, we’ll also be integrating online modes of payment, so that the next time you won’t hesitate to transfer your money wirelessly. Don’t worry, you can still choose to pay the charges, after the service.

8. Are there any hidden costs?

  • There is no any hidden cost but in case of waiting time or change in travelling destination costumer will be charged extra as per company rules. Please see pricing for details.

9. Do you have any special packages / services or touristic places to visit?

  • Yes, we’ve started this business targeting some of the destination where people visits frequently. There are quick bookings offered for drop/pickup to or from airport under “Airport pick and drop service”. Similarly we’ve prepared many religions places visits under specially daily packages. And more importantly, we’ve bought some simple vehicle modes of transportation like Cycles, which international tourists might love to use it and roam around the cities.

10. How can I hire a Motorbike/Bicycle or an E-Rickshaw?

  • In case of Motorbike/Bicycle you need to collect your booked one from our office location. As a security deposit, we’ll be asking original copy of your Citizenship/Passport. Similarly E-Rickshaw will only be available as per your prior confirmation on our booking page.

11. How can I open on mobile devices?

  • You can access from your device browser (eg: Opera-Mini, Chrome, UC, Safari etc). We are not considering to launch Mobile-APPs right now; it’ll unnecessarily take up your phone memory and slow down device. 😉

12. What are cancellation rules?

  • You need to inform us as soon as possible in case of any cancellation of booked services . At least 30 minutes early before the pickup time.

If you have any queries regarding and if this FAQs page has not answered them properly, Please feel free to call or Contact Us.

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