How It Works

Baypaar is an online platform and we try our best to make it interactive from costumer perspective. To know how it works and to make a booking, please read the description below with each steps clearly pictured.

1. From our home page and/or on place an order page, you need to enter the destination and pickup locations and click on Get Started button as shown in image below:


2. As per your location details provided, our system will show you the approximate route distance and the time duration it will take to cover it, along with an interactive map showing directions between them.



3. In the next page, you’ll be asked to choose your mode of transportation. Once you select your vehicle, the price will be calculated instantly and displayed on top-right side of your desktop screen.




4. Then you click on next, and a form will show up asking you to enter your details with mobile number. It is a Customer Details page, where you also need to mention the purpose of your booking and the time of travel.


5. Now you hit “Book Now” button, and you’ll notice a popup message appear over screen. It contains our basic Terms of Use stating and asking you to accept our terms before you make an order.




5. You click on accept and then on the last step, it further asks you to confirm your order. To confirm an order, we’ll send you 4-digit code on your mobile number, which you entered on customer details page. 



7. As soon as you enter the code that you receive on your mobile number, your order will be Confirmed instantly.



In similar way, you can make your own booking for your destination with vehicle you wanna ride. We wish you enjoy your Happy ride 🙂

For descriptive demo of Booking Please Check this Youtube Video.

If you still have any problem making an order or get confused in understanding how it works, Please contact us.