Nearest Religious Visits from Janakpur

Your route covers (approximately):
Total Distance: 90 km
Total Duration: 7 hours

The tour will start from religious visit of clean and green city Janakpur with major attractions: Janaki Mandir and Vivah Mandap along with associated ponds and other cultural sites..After this we will move for  Dhanushadham and visit the temple. Then the next stop will be for Chhireshwornath Mahadev Temple. After the visit of chhireshwarnath we will return to Janakpur for lunch. After this we will proceed to Jaleshwar for Jaleshwarnath Mahadev Temple visit and then again return to Janakpur . If there is an extra time remaining you can further enjoy the city and

This Tour will start from 9:00 am in morning and end at 4:00 pm which is based on our timings of 7 hours on the road allocated for this package.

Tour Route:

Janakpurdham to Dhanushadham to Chhireshwornath to Jaleshwor Mahadev to Janakpur.