Welcome to our pricing page. We guarantee you the cheapest rates applicable for the service you demand. The price range varies as per the modes of travel which may be either passenger vehicle or 2-wheeler or pick-ups for carriage & goods transportation.

Private Bookings:

        For private bookings of travel, prices are calculated intelligently by the system and displayed on your screen instantly as you enter the destination and select the mode of transportation.

Special Events Booking:

        Under this category of booking (eg: Marriage and special occasions), you need to contact us directly either by calling or through this form here. Let us know your date you need it on and we will get back to you with reasonable pricing.

Fixed/Reserve Bookings:

        If incase, you wish to reserve any vehicle for few hours or a day or more, we’ve got separate prices for you at cheapest rates.  These bookings are applicable only for general activities and not for days having special events/occasions like in case of marriages.

Travel Mode Vehicle Type Minimum Pricing (Rs.) Hourly Rates (Rs.) Daily Rates (Rs.) Mileage (kmpl)
TATA Sumo Gold 500 450 3000 11
Mahindra Quanto 800 550 3500 11
Mahindra Bolero 500 450 3000 11
Mahindra Scorpio 800 500 3500 10
Toyota Hiace 1000 800 6000 9
E- Rickshaw 100 250 1200
Pick- Up
Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up 800 500 3000 9
Tata 407 1000 600 4000 8
E- Rickshaw 100 250 1200
Tractor 1000 400 2500 8
Two – wheeler
Bajaj Avenger 220 100 80 600 30
Bajaj Pulsar 150 100 70 500 40
Bajaj Discover 125 100 65 450 55
Hero iSmart 100 100 60 400 55
Bicycle 25 20  100 
  • How Rates are calculated?

        Our pricing are always calculated hourly and is charged up to daily limits. For any vehicle you reserve, the first payment will always be the minimum price. It then added with the hourly rate and limits at the maximum daily price. Not to forget, the billing will be calculated based on total time taken to reach the same place from where the booking is done.

As an Example:

For Hero iSmart

1 hour bike hire = Minimum Price (i.e. 100)

2 hour bike hire = 2 * hourly rate (i.e. 60) = 120

3 hour bike hire = 3*60 = 180 but

7+ hour bike hire = 7*60 = 420  400 (which is our daily limit)

It means, if you take our bike at 8 am in the morning, and return it within 2 hours, you’ll be charged Rs.120. However, if it take longer for you, and you could only be able to return it at the end of the day, then we won’t charge you more than our daily limit which is Rs.400/day.

  1. The operating costs like (fuel & maintenance) should be covered by the customer themselves.
  2. Incase of Night Stay, Driver allowances (i.e lodging and fooding) also needs to be managed.
  3. After 9PM or whole Night Stay, additional Rs.1000 for 4-wheeled and Rs.100 for 2-wheeled vehicles will be charged and the next day billing will start from 7 AM in the morning.
  4. Also, for every 500 KM, additional Rs.1000 for 4-wheeled and Rs.100 for 2-wheeled vehicles will be charged.

Additional Charges:

We don’t have any hidden charges and our rates mentioned above covers most of the cases. However there may be some circumstances where you’ll be asked for additional payments. Like:

  1. Waiting Charges: Wait time refers to the time taken to start the journey after pickup time as well as waiting during the trip. In cases like this, customer will be charged if the waiting time exceeds half an hour. You need to pay extra hourly charge for the respective vehicle, in such conditions.
  2. Change in destination: We won’t expect any such thing happen often, but there can be cases where the travelling distances varies with the actual costs printed during booking and so the customers will be liable to charge additional payments. The prices will again be calculated from our system at the time of payment.

Cancellation Rules:

  1. Customer must cancel the booking at least an hour before pick up time. They can do this by logging into their account and/or calling directly on our contact numbers.
  2. Cancellation charge is the minimum booking charges kept for each vehicle on above table.
  3. We try our best to provide the exact service demanded by customers but during busy days, we may go overbooking or service may become unavailable. In such cases, We hold the right to cancel the bookings for those whom we won’t be able to meet the requirements, but don’t worry, we’ll notify each customer via SMS on their registered mobile number, upon cancellation.

*The pricing rates can be changed at any time, as per change in the fuel charges or inflation of market goods as time progresses.